Earth Day 2013

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that today is Earth Day.  Although I truly think that EVERY day should be Earth Day, it warms my heart to know that there is a day set aside to bring awareness to our planet…its beauty, its resources, and its resiliency.

Now I have spoken to people who have said “I’m not really into being green”.  I’m not really sure what that even means, but the bottom line is that the planet belongs to ALL of us.  We share it and it’s our responsibility to take care of it if we want it to continue to take care of us.  And it really isn’t that hard.

You have undoubtedly heard the term “reduce, reuse, recycle”.  More than a clever catch phrase, this really captures the essence of what being green is all about.  Use only what you need, use it again when you can, and give it to someone who can use it for something else.

My hope is that as parents we will give our children plenty of guidance in this area so that they will grow up with the notion of not only “going” green, but “being” green.  If we teach them early, this will be all they know to do.

Here are some things you can TODAY:

1.  Get your kids outside.  Whatever type of weather you’re having, discuss it.  Look for shapes in the clouds, catch rain water in a container, talk about how water turns to snow, enjoy the sun and the wind.  Talk about how what we do each day ultimately affects our weather.

2.  Take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood.  Besides the benefit of fresh air and exercise, talk about what you see.  Look at the grass that is waking up from its winter nap.  Look at the buds starting to emerge on the trees.  Admire the tulips and daffodils that are sprouting from beneath the earth’s surface.  Watch the squirrels scurrying about looking for food and listen as the robins busily prepare nests for the babies.  See if you can spot any earthworms, ants or beetles making an appearance.

3.  See if you can have a ZERO trash day.  Create a compost bin with your table scraps, egg shells and coffee grounds.  By adding to it each day and watering it down, you will be creating an amazing source of nourishment for a new vegetable or herb garden.  Try to recycle or upcycle everything else.

4.  Even if you’re a city dweller, you can start a tiny little garden on a patio or balcony with a small container, a little soil and some seeds.  Try some beans to start and see your child’s face light up as they grow!

5.  Unplug (even for a few hours).  Take the time that you would normally spend online, watching TV or allowing the kids to play video games and just unplug.  Talk with each other, play board games, enjoy your backyard or a neighborhood park.  Dry your clothes on the clothes line, open some windows.  It will help our planet and your soul.

This earth is one of the greatest privileges ever bestowed on us.  But with great privilege comes great responsibility.  Lucky for all of us, it really isn’t that hard.

Enjoy your Earth Day and here’s hoping that these few little steps will engage you in coming up with ever greater steps in the future.

15 responses to “Earth Day 2013

  1. These are wonderful tips that anyone can follow! Happy Earth Day!

  2. Easy to implement tips here, and yes I agree. Every day should be Earth Day, but I guess its a start!

  3. The kidlets have been out all afternoon enjoying the sun and warmer weather! We even went to the zoo yesterday so we could be outside and explore nature…well, that of the caged kind!

  4. Happy Earth Day to you too! Now if only we had nice weather today we could have enjoyed it. Rain, rain, rain-which I suppose beats the drought drought drought we had last year!

  5. It’s been a crazy busy few days over here but I looked forward to today’s post all weekend. I knew you’d something great for Earth Day! I love this post because as always, you make small changes meaningful and inspire all of us to make them! Great job!
    P.S. We had a lot of fun riding bikes in our neighborhood today;)

    • Thanks Vicky!! That’s the message I want moms to do. I don’t want them to feel like “going green” is just one more thing to add to their already long and overwhelming to do list. Just baby steps, even one at a time, are a move in the right direction. And chances are, that they are already doing a lot of these things without realizing it. Empowering moms (and dads) is always the goal here. I bet you and the boys had an awesome day ~ at least I hope so!

  6. They are some really nice tips Penny! Thanks for sharing them. I also believe in us being more aware of the preciousness of earth’s existence and ways to respect it. Earth Day is just perfect for that.. Love what you write :)

  7. Great tips!
    Me and my girls were outside in our neighbor hood picking up trash and read books about our planet. But we do that often and not just on earth day. :)

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