Picture Them In Their Underwear! How Smiling Is Good for Your Health.

In my quest to be green, I am always looking for ways to improve health in a way that is clean, non-toxic and doesn’t tax the body.  What better way to promote good health in a green way than by smiling!

ImageDid you know that the act of smiling reduces stress?  Most people tend to think that they’d smile more if their stress were already reduced.  If that were the case, most people would have grumpy sourpuss faces on all the time.

But it’s true.  Smiling helps to relieve stress and it also helps to reduce blood pressure.  Obviously, there are situations in life that we can’t just smile our way through: death of a loved one, car accident, etc.  But for those of us in the trenches of day to day life, smiling more is definitely worth it.

Think about how you feel when you are stressed.  Your muscles are tense and your brow becomes furrowed.  You begin to breathe more heavily and you just feel a genuine pressure.  Those are warning signs that your body is trying to give you.

Now, think about the TV shows where some inexperienced person had to give a speech and he or she was nervous.  In other words, stressed!  What was the advice?  Picture them all in their underwear!  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Smiling increases endorphins.  You know, those “feel good” hormones that are also referred to as nature’s painkillers.  No prescription necessary thank you very much!  Smiling also helps to calm your blood pressure and lower your breathing rate.  No negative side effects!

Yep, there are stressful situations going on all around us.  They can affect our moods, our hearts, and our health.  The trick is to outsmart stress and proactively take charge of our own health.  Your body will thank you and I would guess that those around you will thank you too – which will only increase your ability to smile.

So, the next time you are in a crowded area or trying to fight rush hour traffic, picture them all in their underwear!  No insurance required.

2 responses to “Picture Them In Their Underwear! How Smiling Is Good for Your Health.

  1. Beautiful and well written! I once read how a smile is of no value until it is given away!

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